Meeting Minutes

Sunday April 8th, 2018


President : meeting called to order at 5pm by Leah Capps


Mission Statement : “The object of this club shall be: to stimulate a pride in this community by all it’s citizens, to make it a safe and desirable place to live and to encourage it’s growth.”


Club Members Present : Meredith Kendall, Dina Sayers, Stella Schaefer, Susan Vanderhoof, Susan Otcenas, Susan Richman, Krystal Stevens, Eric Lucas, Katie Vinson, Leah Capps, Marian Lucas, Christy Stahl, Miaja Lopez,  Recca Maze, Debbie Carr


Treasurer’s Report :

Income and Expense reports presented.  As of March 31st we’ve raised $957.20 in donations, member dues and fundraising.  We raised $483 at the Old School Music Festival bake sale and $244 at the Wet Season Music Series dinner. Our expense year to date have been $832.35.  Marian presented Leah a check for Bonni Booth for the sponsorship of 2 student’s fitness training.


Old Business :


    • Fundraising & Membership Update  : collected dues from Katie & Meredith, Leah will give me $10 from Recca.  Membership dues are significantly down from this time last year.
    • Diaper/Clothing Distribution : next one is the last Saturday of the month (April 28th) Amanda Melhoff, Miaja Lopez and Marian Lucas have volunteered to run these.  Attendance has been increasing each month.
    • Perennial Gardens Update : A group of members will meet to plant on Saturday April 14th at 10am.  Leah, Meredith and Susan Richman will provide the plants. Volunteers are asked to bring their own shovels and gloves.
    • Library Planters Update : There is some confusion on the status of these boxes being built by the school.  Ila Skyberg iis checking with Kurt Neville at the high school to see if these have been started.  If not, then we will do a work party to build the boxes with Ryan Melhoff. Katie will email the club with a follow up once she hears from Ila.


  • Bingo for Baked Goods has been scheduled for April 22 at 5pm, Leah will make soup to sell, she will need a volunteer to bring rolls.  She is also seeking 5 – 6 volunteers for the night of to help with calling, selling food, collecting funds and selling wine and beer. If not able to attend, folks can drop baked goods off at the wildwood before 4.  Katie will file a permit for the event. Leah will send some emails to organize the event. Dina and Meredith suggested donating some items from the thrift shop for prizes in addition to baked goods.
  • Farmers Market Involvement The civic club will work with the farmers market to work on items not already included in their market plans.  We will schedule to have at least one volunteer at each market this year beginning June 17th. Ideas passed around for what our table may include were nursery starts (Dina suggested this Meredith and Stella can pick these up at the Woodburn auction- Marian will reach out to the farmers market to confirm if there is conflict with this), candles that Katie would like organize making, help with the kids activity booth.  Since the first market is on fathers day the idea of having some sort of prize or raffle for dads was suggested. Perhaps a free hot dog for dads. Susan Richman brought up the idea of the cargo bike participating in some way. It’s uncertain if the bike will be finished for the first market. She is meeting with Kurt Neville on Friday to discuss the plans and budget. She’ll present the budget to see if it’s something the civic club wants to help sponsor. If the bike is finished we could sell or give away popsicles or some other small treat from the bike.  The candle making idea from Katie was well received and she mentioned scheduling a time to do so in coming weeks. She has punch cups and jars that could be used as the vessels.
  • Giving Pantry Box Ryan Melhoff and Eric Lucas will build this.  Eric will work on sketching up a design to present and then we can move forward once approved.  This will be a pantry box outside of the Civic Club building that will provide free food.
  • Walking Club Susan Richman discussed Wednesday hiking that meets on Wednesdays at 2pm at various locations and explores surrounding land with the long-term goal of creating a network of hiking trails. She will email folks about the meeting place for these walks.
  • South Trask Volunteers We discussed trying to help this new group that is dedicated to cleaning up trash and dump sites in.  To be further explored next meeting.


  • Kindergarten graduation – Thurs. May 31 @ 5:30 PM – 13 dozen cookies are needed & volunteers to help with the graduation.  Miaja is seeking someone to take photos of the students as well. A sign up sheet was passed around for those who can bake cookies.  Cookies can be dropped of at the Wildwood day of and Leah will transport those up to the school. Marian also volunteered to help day of.


New Business :



  • Board Elections  A new board was approved, with the addition of Krystal Stevens as Secretary.  Eric Lucas became President, while Katie Kendall assumed the newly created role of Social Media Representative.  Miaja Lopez and Marian Lucas remained in their positions as Vice President and Treasurer.


  • Prior to the vote there was a discussion of the club by-laws and the existing process of nominations and elections.  It was decided that we should revisit our bylaws, and re-write them to allow additional board members to be added without the need to vote against other board members.  
  • Meeting Minutes some folks weren’t seeing the meeting minutes in email, so Eric will add a section to the website ( to make the meeting minutes publicly available.
  • Civic Club Building Usage – we discussed potential use for rental space.  It was discussed that a large percentage of fundraising goes to support the building, which is rarely used.  The club voted to follow up and investigate the possibilities with rental options.

Fitness Sponsorship The civic club is sponsoring 2 students for a personal fitness program for which we provided a check of $120 to Bonni Booth.